Our Fascination Towards Violence


Many scholars have claimed that modern society is much less violent than in periods of the past. Warfare has become more costly and morally challenged, and therefore rarer. However, even though we might not be practicing violence on a massive scale, it is still entrenched in our culture. Brutal acts have dictated our media for centuries, if not decades. Violence has always been controversial, and yet it has been socially justified at different periods throughout history. On the one hand, we categorize it as the least ethically acceptable act; on the other, we actively pursue it.

Thesis Questions

︎ As technology progress, the pursuit of realism is also progressing. We have finally reached to a point where violence could be experienced through Interactable medias / Immersive medias. What are the potential threats that is ahead of us?

︎ Throughout the history, violence has always been a dictating  theme of human entertainment. It is not only a fascination but also a tradition. How did history pushed this tradition foward? What is the driving force of violence being self-justified?

︎  Violence was promoted through the narratives we collaboratedly created as a society, how was it glorified? How was it commodified? 

︎ What are the pschological triggers that made us so obsessed with violence?

Historical Framework

The Embodiment of Violence in our Culture Through Entertainment

Contextual Framework / Visual Schema

How Violence Will be Shaped in the future through techonology