Our Fascination Towards Violence


Many scholars have claimed that modern society is much less violent than in periods of the past. Warfare has become more seldom than what it used to be; it is more costly and morally challenged. However, even though we might not be practicing violence on a mass scale, it is still very much entrenched in our culture. Violence has been dictating our media for centuries, if not decades, and it is so ingrained in our culture. It has always been controversial and morally questioned, but yet it could still be self-justified. On the one hand, we as humans categorize it as the least ethically acceptable act; on the other hand, we are so actively pursuing it. By analyzing popular forms of entertainment, it is easy to tell that we love to indulge and embrace this primitive urge.

As humans, we have collaborated and created a strong narrative where we all believe violence is the ultimate problem solver. One could not resist a superhero story defeating a villain with a superpower; one violent fight can bring the earth right back to peace. Many are also fascinated by anti-heroes' narrative; we somehow found empathy with the super-violent criminal figures through the enticing storytellings. We might be turning our faces away when looking at a gory scene, but we never would completely shutted it out of our society. Now we must understand the inevitability nature of this matter.